About me


Hello everyone – Welcome to TroubleShootDotCom. I am the owner of this site.

Here are some details about me:

  • Age: 35
  • Nickname: Troubles
  • Education: HTL Bregenz electrical engineer, Car mechanic, Systems engineer
  • Current Job: Systems engineer (Sharepoint Administrator, Project leader, employee trainer, and much more)

My Hobbies:

Every topic with a technical spirit. Including cars (repairs, conversions, selection / purchase / sell process), Handcrafting (kitchen assembly, solar energy system, CCTV Cameras), 3d scanning, 3d printing, YouTube Creator, Videos, Photography, Social Media, GPS area measurement – oh my gosh there are so many topics.

I am throughout an enthusiast about technologies – as a dreamer, and visionary (because anyone can talk about something!)

Of course, without money, nothing gonna happen – work is also an important part of my life. I love my job as a computer scientist (which also means – there are weekends filled up with work in case of “updating systems, migration of software, and so on)