Long absence?

14. January 2020

Topic: Just have a function in this world, but forget yourself?

Its been a time ago since i build up the website… normaly this is a NoGo for Websites at the Internet.

Because of private circumstances, i´ve lost my thread for life. Bad depressions, was a consequence of it. Something i never experienced before – and which made me like a cocoon.

Day by day wakin up, without knowing – how it continues. Whats the goal of life – if the “Plan” you decided to accomplish – dont come true? And if you accomplish it – you would pay the price with your physical and psychological health , even by self destruction…

Normally im man enough to say, that i´m able to handle many situations in my life (that sort of shocking ) – i handled them well. but none of those situations obtains this chapter – the break with my ex partner and our child.

I will describe this topic in another post… who and why this decision was made, and what has to be done with this bad depressions before you choose the final stroke for your life!

You have to sattle down to work on yourself, with hurts, thoughts, feelings and uncertainty. A work that isnt just finshed with realize that you have bad depressions, or to use medicine for it , or theraphy – but with gettin the feeling for beeing happy in life!

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