New Posts ?

17. July 2021

Long pause, short statement with no special content.

Ooooohhh a new post with night shots?

No, not quite – and yes – I’m still alive.

Here is a brief summary of my long absence.

I had unconsciously lived a somewhat larger “time out” for myself, during which I had to experience, determine and sort certain things. It was a “functioning but not really being alive”.

Some of these things have severely demotivated me and slowed me down with looking ahead, while others have opened new paths and doors for me. The same was also with various people I knew, got to know, or know.

My thirst for action was far ahead of the real, possible timing. I thought I could set up and manage 3 websites (from scratch) in parallel.

With photos and videos, of course – the full program!

Likewise with a large number of Instagram accounts, Facebook pages – and keep them up to date.

Furthermore, I didn’t want to stop at my greed for the new technology. My actual topic of Youtube and making videos (filming, editing) – which was also a “kick-off” for this website, was left behind – because I wanted to do everything, always something new, but my “open list” no longer came up ToDo’s “.

I also had to realize that somehow I was always intuitively available for others when they needed me or something from me, but I put myself and my needs and feelings very far behind.

I also had the pleasure of getting to know fraudsters – crooks, liars, and bandits of the “New Modern Age”. As much hair doesn’t even grow on my head as these candidates sprout from the ground ;).

But every learning is a learning!

Sascha Troubles

In short, posts will follow again 🙂!

Stay tuned

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