Old Hobby – New Platform

12. May 2020

My old hobby gets its own presentation platform. https://derautochecker.com

My old hobby with pictures and video gets a homepage: https://derautochecker.com

After i have an reincarnation of working on cars, i thought about to give that old hobby its own platform.

Logo for the new Homepage

My old and greatest hobby were all about Cars (i´m a car mechanic), so i had a revival of all my cars that i owned.

I had many photos and videos of my working on cars, but as we all know – storage had errors, so i lost many of my old memories.

So this ain´t gonna happen twice.

The Website is still in progress.

You can find it here: https://derautochecker.com

Also i got an idea of live streaming – that means, i will make live streams while i work on cars 🙂

Live streams can be found here: https://derautochecker.com/twitch-live/

I have to think about the photo and videoquality – because in a garage its gettin really dirty while you work, and the sony alpha equipment wasnt that cheap (like dust, oil, and other substances). Currently im filming with the Iphone 11 Pro and editing in Lightroom.

But the quality of the Iphone cant match the APSC Camera.

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