Software-Marathon Part Two

19. January 2020

Second Day of our Software Migration.

As predictable – it wasnt an easy ride at the very beginning!

  • Problems occurred that as usual didn’t occur in the preview phase (beta phase, simulated migration)
  • Some bizarre problems also visited our migration day
  • and as the point of the story … we were soo fu.. tired!

Work was done till 5:00 AM in the morning, at 17th of January 2020 – after that we went home.

Some sleep was really needed !

After the first night – i felt like a Tray full of RedBull Energy Drinks. Well also Coffein and Fast Food was needed for such Software Migration.

The disadvantage if you work in big companies – your company is located worldwide. This means, people work also at weekend – at the time, i normally would chill and relax the weekend.

In this situation you have to be careful because of the shorty time-frame – afterwards people should be able to go on with their work!

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