Sony World Photography Awards

8. December 2020

Trouble´s aka. joined this contest.

I got informed about this contest via facebook and a commercial ad from sony that was accidently displayed. Sony has created an event with the “World of Photography Organisation”.

After a few minutes of thinking, i decided to give it a shot.

You have to registrate yourself, add some data abour yourself – and then you can upload photos to different categories.

3 Photo Uploads are for free – and if you like to add more you can buy Photo Bundles. Which means, more uploads – better Chance for the Event. I would be already happy, if some of my photos gets in the second round :).

Here is the Link to the event / competition

The photos has to be taken in the current year (2020), after edit is allowed.

I´ve choosen the following categories for my photos:

  • Architecture
  • Landscape
  • Panorama
  • Motion
  • Object
  • Portrait

I took my best photos from my collections of this year – summed up in the blog articles below:

Silvretta Barrier Lake, Gigerwald Barrier Lake, 5th April Bregenz Pandemic, Lighttrails, First Photo at night

Orig. Photo Source:

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