Stars in Wintertime

22. November 2020

In winter the night comes earlier, and it feels more darker.

As i was driving home i recognized – that the night can be useful, for some astro and star photography.

Because it was really cold outside, i made some shots of the starry sky out of the kitchen window without a tripod.

First i used the SIGMA 16mm 1.4 Lens, after i got a usable ISO / Apperture Setting i returned to my room and took the 7Artisans 2.8 Apperture Fisheye lens for some shots.

With so much euphoria i tried also the SamYang 135mm 2.0.

While i was editing the pictures, i felt that the sigma and 7 artisans photos were the best out of the shots i made.

The SamYang 135mm used without a TriPod and Aperture Time delivers sadly blurry photos

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